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News, Events & More

Bell Updates September 12, 2019

Economic Outlook September 2019

In this month's Economic Outlook, Chief Investment Officer Greg Sweeney gives perspectives on Federal Reserve policies, expectations for interest rates and inflation, and what's going on in national and global markets.

Pay It Forward August 22, 2019

Bell Helps Fund Bikes for Firefighters

One of the busiest public events in West Fargo – the West Fest Parade – draws around 10,000 people, and as the community continues to grow, so will the parade … not to mention West Fargo’s Street Fair, Cruise Nights, National Night Out, and large park district events.

When the West Fargo Fire Department needed help funding a way to make those events safer for spectators Bell Bank employees – who work on the “doorstep” of Cruise Nights and West Fest – readily stepped up.

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